It is a novel technology under development to measure particle count along with the size distribution and source characterisation. This device will make real-time source apportionment of particulate matter possible at a meagre cost compared to the current methods.

PM1.0 | PM10 | PM2.5 | TEMP | RH | BP

Device Operation

When the device is powered on, the device intakes air samples at a predefined frequency through the air sampling system. Once the air sample is stabilized, the sensory system takes multiple readings during the sampling time and performs relevant data- processing. During this cycle time, the device flushes out old air sample and pulls in a fresh one. After each sampling, the data processing system sends the processed data to the central server using a built-in communication module.

Technical Information

Specification Features Package include Installation
Operating Voltage:12V 2A

Size:240mm (H) x 190 mm (W) x 120mm (D)

Standby Connectivity:GSM (2G/3G/4G) GPRS/IP

Data transfer interval:15-Seconds-30 minutes (configurable)

Sensor Unit with all Sensors

Preferred Mounting:Pole / Wall (preferably 270° open surrounding)

Height:10-15 feet

Weight: 2.5 kg


Wireless connectivity:GSM, LORA, Wi-Fi,

Mounting Type:Pole Mounting Unit|Wall Mounting Unit

Battery charger:12V, 2.5A Power Availability:Constant AC supply within a 5-meter range from the unit or solar panel
Optimum Humidity:0-95%

Operating Temperature:-20 °C to 60 °C

Machine Learning/A-Calibration Network Availability:Uninterrupted network coverage Area (In case of GPRS/GSM connectivity)
Weather Protection:IP64

Measurement unit:PM Sensor-µg/m³|Gas Sensor-ppb

Data Interval May be Consumable

Sensor Specification

ID Parameters Range
PM1.0 Particulate matter 0 to 1000 ug/m3
PM10 Particulate matter 0 to 1500 ug/m3
PM2.5 Particulate matter 0 to 1000 ug/m3
Temp Temperature -40 to +85°C
RH Humidity 0-100%
BP Barometric Pressure 300-1100 hPa